I’ve written countless stories and poems but Lyte and Darke is my first ever published work! Written all the way then when I was in Primary six and published when when I was in Form 4, I’m both very proud and slightly shy of this piece. I recommend this for younger  tween readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure~


’14-year-old Kira always thought she was cursed with an annoying alter ego who calls herself Kyra. Over time, they built a mutual understanding between them. Kira would have control over the body during the day and Kyra, at night. But who is Kyra actually? And what did she do during the nights she took ober control of their body?

Vestia, Earth’s twin planet is in turmoil. The stabilizer, or ‘Deity’s Girl’ has been missing and Prince Kyle, in his search, has found a way to create a portal that leads to Earth. The humans might have forgotten about the other races that had ever existed but they haven’t forgotten the humans. And now, they’re hungry for revenge.

Suddenly, Kira finds herself in the middle of a mighty battle of magic between light and dark. And Kyra might actually meet her end.’

Publisher: Shakespot Sdn. Bhd.

Number of pages: 167

Year Published: 2012