‘Farah’ for happiness. ‘Adibah’ for writer, and one with excellent character. My name is something precious to me, and something that I always try to live up to. I am 20, a Malaysian and scholar of the Central Bank of Malaysia. I’m currently a first year Actuarial Science student at City, University of London. Currently, life is most of the time a series of tests and deadlines but I am happy and content. My first book, ‘Lyte and Darke’ was written at the age of 12 and published in 2012.



I write to sort out my thoughts and as a reprieve from a very tiring world. My stories are often set in a fantasy world, but I do enjoy writing stories that take place in countries I have visited. Feel free to leave me a prompt that you think I would enjoy!

Occasionally, I make crafts like jewellery and books and draw digitally. I especially love cats and going on long horse-riding trails.

Email me at farahzaihan@yahoo.com


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