Musical snippets

There’s an analogy I like to use- that as we go about life, we collect noise. Buzzing, static-like energy present in everything we do, sticking to us with every action and inaction, filling us up to the brim until at the end of the day, you can feel and hear nothing else but this noise. Keeping you on edge even as you’re about to go to sleep.

For some people, it disappears after a good night’s rest or with some good company and good food. For the rest of us, there are other ways we use to cleanse ourselves of this noise. A method that I like to use is to play the piano.

You see, my mind is a clutter of thoughts. Always, always thinking of something. If not the future, it’s the past. It zips from one idea to another and once in a while, you just need a break before you tip over the edge. Right? When I play a piece on my piano, I am focused on my music score and my fingers. Nothing else. I don’t know if it has the same effect for everyone else but playing the piano helps me empty my basket of thoughts until it’s only me and my music notes, my fingers and the beautiful music I’m creating. As Ive never been able to memorise the scores, I seem to constantly be sight-reading the piano pieces I play, a chore, I must admit but it works for me. When I play, the noise that I’ve been accumulating, goes away. Traded for a new melody as fingers stumble over the keys or a familiar melody that repeats over and over in my mind, a polished stone.

I went nine months without playing a single note when I was in London and how I missed my piano when I got back. I never seemed to appreciate the comfort it offers until I had to live without it. Now, it’s been a few weeks since my parents went away and I haven’t been able to play anything for the whole duration as I live with my elder siblings in a house which does not have a piano. It’s frustrating sometimes but today, the noise was simply too much and I dragged my sister off to rent a piano room at a music studio nearby to satisfy this longing in my fingers.. How good it felt!

I only spent an hour with the piano but that was enough. All I needed was to silence the noise that was building up inside me and I came out of the room, elevated and once again, living in my present moment. I’m definitely going back there for a few more sessions before my parents return. Also, perhaps it’s a good idea for me to buy myself a keyboard when I go back to London for my 2nd year, I’m pretty sure it’ll help a lot.

This session, I tried playing a really nice piece from the game Final Fantasy XV, composed by Yoko Shimamura, called Sunset Waltz. Here’s a snippet, have a listen!

Written for Daily Prompt: Elevate
Featured Photo by Elijah Henderson on Unsplash


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