The Nights

Quick fan poetry for FFXV’s tragic heroes, Noctis and Nyx
Also, for Daily Prompts: Rhyme

You and I
are of the night
Born of darkness, to darkness
And with our deaths
beget the light

You and I
have lost our homes
lost our families, and our hopes
But the road lies ahead–
further still.
I’ll hold your hand, be not afraid

You and I
are meant to be
our tears for each other
our blood flowing free

You and I
must now part
This magic in my veins, has a price–
I feel the ash in my lungs, feel the burning in my skin.
My night has ended
My dawn has come
The power in your eyes; blue and violet and red–
You’ll feel the cold bite of metal, feel the strength leave your arms.
Your night will end
Your dawn will come

You and I
have sang our songs
and danced our tunes.
Now, let us rest
and like the night
take our place with the moon


Subang Jaya, Malaysia
1.40 am

Featured Photo by Taylor Durrer on Unsplash




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