Art #3

I know I’m supposed to write a new post, continue my ongoing novel and finish some short stories that I promised myself I’d put up-

But I really have zero inspiration for anything right now.. Life’s kind of glum and dreary without the friends that I see daily in college.. And home.. home doesn’t feel like home at the moment..

So since my brain’s not gonna write, I decided to take part in some Instagram art contests! Honestly, I feel much better now that I actually did something instead of watch drama and anime all day~

Anthea – 19/7/16


Lami – 18/7/16


The characters don’t belong to me; Lami is lucifierrakiara’s and Anthea is panwhatcake’s~

I haven’t drawn in a couple weeks but I’m really happy to see some improvements since the last time I did! Hopefully, I’ll get my inspiration back soon and then I’ll be writing again yayy


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