Taking to the skies

“It’s been awhile, since you’ve last been here.”

The Wordsmith looked away, towards the rolling clouds, at the shadow it cast over the hills. The scenery hadn’t changed at all while she had been away. She still felt it. The invitation in its presence. The call to lose herself in its endless fields, feel its tickle beneath her feet. “I’ve been busy,” she said. Exploring new worlds. Stretching her wings. Flying.

It had felt almost sinful, at first.

But she had learned that it wasn’t. That it only felt that way because she had been trapped for so long. In the cruel depths that lay underneath those beautiful, wonderful, treacherous fields.

She felt it come close, dirt crunching beneath its weight. “When you left, you never turned back,” it said. The wind carried its voice, neither male nor female. It was wind and shadow and imagined and real. “I did not expect you to come now.”

“I had to come.” The Wordsmith turned to fully face it now. She stared into its infinite darkness, she had been so afraid of it once. “I had to tell you that I’m never returning. That there are worlds beyond this, all within my reach. I’ve met people full of love and light and I relearned what I had unlearned.”

It remained still.

“My world has changed. I’ve trudged through its abyss, I clawed my way out. I found my wings and my wind and my sky.”

Its lips lifted into a hideous snarl, teeth bared, enraged, realising. It realised that my wrists wore jewels instead of chains. That I chased the Sun, no longer wisps of shadows.

One last futile lunge as it realised, finally realised-

“I am free.”

I’ve had this blog for awhile now but I think, now’s the time to start something new!


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